7 Simple Car Organizer Ideas to Keep Your Vehicle Tidy

We’ve seen it countless times. A driver brings in their car for detailing, and by the end, we have an entire box of clutter we’ve found under the seats and inside crevices.

They love seeing their car organized and clean. But then they return in a few months with the same problem.

How do you keep your car in order between detailing sessions? Try these car organizer ideas and tips.

1. Over-the-Seat Organizers

For most parents, the idea of an organized car is laughable.

Keeping kids entertained on long and short drives requires an arsenal of toys, coloring books, and so on. Maintaining all those items in an orderly way seems impossible.

Try an organizer you can place on the back of the driver’s seat or passenger’s seat. Some parents opt for fold-out makeup bags because they have so many handy pockets.

This is a great way to teach your kids about responsibility too. Make it their job to put back all their toys where they found them before each ride is over.

2. Cupcakes in the Cup Holders?

It sounds odd, but bear with us.

Cup holders are like clutter magnets. They’re easy places to toss coins, pen caps, receipts, and other small items. They also tend to accumulate crumbs and dirt.

Try putting silicone cupcake liners into each cup holder. These fit in most standard cup holders and they make cleaning easier.

You can dump the cupcake liner’s contents into your grocery bag after your next shopping trip to bring them into the house. When the liners get dirty, they’re easier to clean than trying to clean inside a cup holder.

3. Keeping Dining Accessories at the Ready

One of the worst causes of a messy car is eating on-the-go. Whether you’re a busy person who doesn’t have time to stop to eat or you have kids who need snacks while you run errands, food in a car is messy.

There are ways to keep your car clean without banning food in the vehicle. Instead, choose dining accessories that are easy to stash so they’re always available.

For example, try a folding shower caddy. These compact items have vertical compartments. This makes them perfect for holding up french fry containers upright.

For kids and their snacks, collapsible bowls are a great choice. These bowls compress into flat circles for easy storage. When you open them, they can sit on your child’s lap to catch the pretzels and fruit snacks that will inevitably fall.

4. Grocery Bags Galore

Plastic grocery bags can be a scourge on the environment if you throw them in the trash. The good news is that they’re useful and easy to recycle instead.

Use a container to keep a stash of grocery bags in your car. They’re perfect for carrying in all your trash after a road trip.

You can also use them to keep your kids’ snacks in line. Lay an open grocery bag on your child’s lap. It can catch anything they drop, keeping their clothes clean and keeping food off your car’s floor.

The trick is finding a compact container for the bags. They take up little space if you store them right.

One crafty choice is to use an old tissue box. Empty containers from cleaning wipes or baby wipes work well too.

5. Keeping Trash Contained

The most obvious rule for keeping your car organized is to always have a trash can available. It sounds easy, and then you take a tight turn and the trash goes everywhere.

To avoid that problem, choose a trash can with a lid. More and more drivers are opting for plastic cereal containers instead of true trash cans.

These containers are easy to open and close. They’re also shaped more like ovals than wide circles, so they take up less space on your car’s floor.

As an added bonus, the lid keeps the trash out of sight so the car looks cleaner at all times.

6. Velcro Attachments

There are certain items you always want to have in your car but you want to keep them out of sight. This includes ice scrapers, first aid kits, emergency items, and more.

Most drivers keep these items loose in the trunk. Not only do they take up space but they roll around every time you turn the car.

Keep these items contained. Use containers that can fit all these items. Then, use stick-on Velcro patches to secure those containers to the carpet on the edge of your trunk.

This keeps all your essentials in one place and prevents them from flopping around in the trunk making noise.

7. Remote Holders

Some of the most useful car organizer ideas come from using items that are meant for another purpose. A perfect example of this is a remote control holder.

These fabric holders are meant to hang on the arm of your sofa. They have several vertical pockets to hold all the remote controls you need.

Use these in your car instead. Secure them to your seats. The pockets are perfect for organizing small snack bags, crayons or colored pencils, small packs of tissues, and more.

Best yet, these organizers take up little space in your car so they keep the clutter out of the way.

Putting Your Car Organizer Ideas to Use

No one wants to step into their vehicle and need to move a pile of junk out of the way before you put the car into gear. For families and adults who spend a lot of time in their vehicles, though, that clutter seems inevitable.

The car organizer ideas above can help you keep your car in shape between detailings. If you truly want your vehicle to sparkle, though, call our auto detailers for a thorough job.

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