QOTD: What’s the Best Way to Remove Water Spots on Car?

How frustrating is it to clean your car only to realize that after drying, there are hundreds of water spots on it? This is a common frustration for many car owners. You put in the effort to clean your car at home, and now you’re wondering how to remove water spots on car paint. 

You may be thinking that you need to send your car through a drive-through car wash to remove the spots, however, these car washes will leave you with the same results. You want your car to look amazing, but you find yourself wondering how to make it shine without flaws. 

It’s time to say goodbye to those water spot eyesores. Continue reading below for everything you need to know about removing water spots from your car’s paint and how to prevent them from coming back!

Causes of Water Spots

There are a few causes of water spots on cars. There are also a few different types of water spots. In most cases, water spots are caused by car owners washing their cars well but not drying them well. 

Rainwater can also be a cause of dried-on water spots. Whether it’s rainwater or tap water, these waters contain harmful elements. Tap water, more specifically, contains metals and chemicals within it that can cause these water spots to form. 

The different types of water spots are listed below. 


When water spots form on a car’s paint, they need to be removed as soon as possible. Failure to do so will result in the water spots being baked into the paint’s finish due to direct sunlight. When this type of water spot forms, it’s essential to bring your vehicle to the professionals for correction.

Bonded Mineral 

After a rainstorm, the raindrops on your car will evaporate but leave behind a hard water spot. This is due to the acidic rainwater. There are particles in the air and in the rain that we can’t see, but we know to exist. 

After the water evaporates, these particles are left behind and can cause damage to your car. 

Regular Water Spots

Tap water contains magnesium, calcium, and other dissolved minerals. These are all naturally occurring minerals, but when left behind on your car’s paint, they become an eyesore and are hard to remove. 

Removing Water Spots

If you notice any type of water spot on your car’s surface, you’ll want to remove them as soon as you can. The most common way to remove water spots is to wash your car and dry it again, but this time using a water softener. If you have a way of using a water softener for the water that you wash your car with, then you’re already one step ahead. 

You should also ensure that you dry your car thoroughly when done. If this technique does not work for you, here are some other options for removing them.  

Use White Vinegar

To use the vinegar method, you’ll wash your car as you normally would, rinse it, and then use a distilled white vinegar. Wipe the vinegar onto your car using a sponge. Do one section of your car at a time. 

Let it sit for a minute, and then rinse it off. Once the entire car has been sponged with vinegar, wash the car again and then rinse and dry. Do keep in mind that this will remove the wax on your car, and you will need to wax it again. 

Polish the Paint

Polishing your car with a car polisher is another great way to remove water spots from the paint. When dealing with etching water spots, you’ll need to invest in a good car polishing system. You should also take your time to ensure that you polish the car correctly if you want the results to be professional. 

Preventing Water Spots

After working hard to remove water spots, the last thing you want to do is be acquainted with them once again. Prevent more water spots from forming by keeping the following in mind. 

Wash in Shade

Always wash and dry your car in the shade. Washing your car in the sun allows for direct sunlight and high heat to airdry your car as your washing it. This is one main cause of water spots. 

Don’t Air Dry

Even if you wash your car in the shade and leave it in the shade after washing, you should never let it air dry. Air drying will cause water spots, so it’s best to dry the car by hand to the best of your abilities. Be sure to have a few good quality microfiber towels nearby. 

Leave It to the Professionals

When all is said and done, the best way to ensure all water spots are removed and never come back is to leave it to professional car detailing in Tampa. Professional car detailing services will know what type of water spots you’re dealing with, how to remove them, and how to keep your car shining after each wash. 

Remove Pesky Water Spots on Car Paint Today!

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