Car Detailing in Tampa: What’s Included?

32% of Americans admit they only clean their cars once a year. If you’re part of this statistic, not only will this leave your car dirty and unsanitary, but it’ll also cause things to wear down much quicker.

In addition to washing your vehicle regularly, you’ll need to get it detailed. This is like a deep clean that’ll have your car looking and feeling even better!

If you’re wondering about car detailing in Tampa, then keep reading. We’ve got all the details you need!

Exterior Detailing

First off, when you bring your vehicle to a detailing center, they’ll take care of the exterior.

Of course, this will involve a thorough washing to get rid of all the dust, dirt, and grime. This is typically done with a high-powered spray that has the right ingredients to remove stubborn stains.

Afterward, they’ll dry your car completely so there are no watermarks or streaks. Both washing and drying are done completely by hand, as humans are much more meticulous than machines are.

But that’s not all! Read on to find out what else is included with exterior detailing.


In many cases, a wash alone isn’t strong enough to remove all the impurities on your car’s exterior. In that case, claying will be exactly what you need.

The professionals will use a clay bar on your vehicle in addition to the detergents in the wash. This will pick up anything else that’s still clinging onto the exterior, which includes impurities, residue, and overspray.


Wouldn’t you love for your vehicle to look like new again? Well, it can!

With a good polish applied, your car will look as if you just drove it off the lot. This can help get rid of things like marks, small scratches, or oxidation. Depending on the state of your vehicle, it may take a while to do, especially if it’s of a larger size.

Polishing is mostly applied to the paint of your car, but it can also be used on the windows and other parts that are made of rubber.


After polishing, you’ll want to keep that shine lasting as long as possible. This can be achieved through a sealant and waxing. Not only will this keep your car looking nice and shiny, but it’ll also provide an additional layer of protection for its paint.

Other Services

Depending on what you need and what particular packages a detailing center offers, there are other services you can have performed on your car’s exterior.

For example, you can have the paint touched up, any chips in the glass repaired, small dents in the bumper repaired, and get the trim repainted. You can even get the engine detailed and pressured washed, as well as the headlight polished.

Interior Detailing

Not only do detailing professionals clean the outside of your car, but they also take care of the inside. Let’s take a look at the various services they provide so the interior of your vehicle is pristine.


First things first: the detailing center will get rid of all the little bits of dust, dirt, crumbs, and more. This can already make a huge difference in how clean the interior of your car looks. Not to mention it’ll also make the air quality much better inside too!

Not only will they vacuum the floors and mats, but they’ll also go over the seats and headliners, as well as your trunk and rear cargo area.

These professionals will be sure to go over every inch in your car. If they can’t reach any places by vacuum, then they’ll use an air compressor instead.

Mat Cleaning

A good detailer won’t just go over your mats with a vacuum. They’ll also bring them outside for a thorough brushing and steam cleaning. Steam cleaning can get rid of any tough stains that have embedded themselves in the fabric throughout the years.

Mats need to be completely dry before being placed back in the car, or else you risk the development of mildew. For this reason, detailers will usually leave the mats outside to dry while they work on the rest of your car.

Glass Cleaning

Are your windows full of water streaks and fingerprints? Then car detailing can have them sparkling clean again!

Special glass cleaners will be applied then completely wiped off to give you a crystal clear view whenever you’re driving.

Leather Cleaning

Leather can seem difficult to take care of, but so long as you bring your car in for regular detailing, you won’t really have to worry about anything.

A detailing professional will use specialized leather soaps and cleaners. They may even apply a conditioner if the leather in your car is dry. This will help them clean much more efficiently.

A Last Vacuum and Perfuming

The workers may have accidentally tracked in some dirt or gravel while working on your vehicle, so they’ll always do one last vacuum before they return it to you. Once that’s done, then they’ll use a deodorant in your car so it smells nice and fresh!

Get the Best Car Detailing in Tampa

Now that you know all the benefits of car detailing, you shouldn’t wait any longer, especially if you’ve never had your vehicle detailed before. Bring your car into a Tampa professional and it’ll get the best treatment possible. When you treat your car, you’re treating yourself!

Plus, having your vehicle regularly detailed is a worthy investment. Not only will it make it look better, but it’ll also prolong its lifespan for much longer and keep it looking amazing for years to come!

If you’d like to get the best car detailing services in Tampa, then come visit us today. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

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