What’s Included in Automobile Detailing?

In the last few years, sales of luxury cars have risen; they now account for 11% of total new car sales.

Perhaps you’ve joined the ranks and bought a new vehicle recently, and it’s a nice one you’ve saved up for. Surely, all you have to do is just wash it every once in a while to maintain it?

The reality is, you’ll need to have it detailed as well.

If you’ve never had your car detailed before and are curious about what’s included, then read on. Here, we’ll tell you all about automobile detailing.

What’s Automobile Detailing?

At first glance, you may think that “automobile detailing” is just a fancy phrase for “car wash.” However, there’s more to it than that.

While car washes just get rid of the dirt and grime from regular day-to-day driving, detailing will take care of the deep stuff.

For this reason, car detailing will take much longer than a regular car wash. The latter usually takes 30 minutes tops, while detailing will take around 4 to 5 hours.

Why Should I Get My Car Detailed?

First off, a car wash only gets the exterior of your vehicle, while an automobile detail also includes interior cleaning.

Also, as we’ve mentioned above, a car wash only gets rid of light dirt and debris. If you really want to ensure your vehicle’s completely spotless, then a detail is a must.

Not only does a car detail transform your car from dirty to immaculate, but it also protects it from the elements so you can drive for longer without having to get your car washed.

What’s Included in Automobile Detailing?

So now you know the basics of what a car detail does. Now, what’s actually included in automobile detailing?

Read below to see what a typical service entails.

Exterior Washing

There are two ways detailing centers may wash the exterior of your car: by hand or by an automated assembly-line car wash. Typically, hand wash is much better than an automated car wash, as the employees can really put in some elbow grease to get rid of tough spots an automated car wash may miss.

During exterior hand washing, the detailers will put a special spray on your car and scrub every surface so every nook and cranny gets fully cleaned out. This includes things like the wheels, door jambs, and handles.

After the car wash, the employees will dry your vehicle by hand so there are no water spots left behind.

Exterior Claying, Polishing, and Sealing

Once your vehicle is dry, the detailers will use a clay bar and run it over the exterior. What this does is remove the impurities and residue that the spray didn’t get rid of.

When all traces are removed from the outside of your car, then it’s time for polishing. This will restore your vehicle’s luster and make it look brand new again.

After the polishing comes sealing. This will make your car appear even shinier.

Detailing centers will often apply wax afterward too. This can protect your car from the elements and enable it to keep its shine for longer.

Interior Cleaning

The detailing crew will go inside your car with a high-powered vacuum to clean every surface. They’ll remove the floor mats so they can get underneath and also clean the mats separately outside. If there are any areas they can’t reach with the vacuum, they might use an air compressor instead.

They’ll also clean your glass thoroughly to make sure it’s streak-free and has no water stains.

The employees may also vacuum once again after all the other interior services are finished. That way, any dirt tracked inside during the process will be removed.

Steam Cleaning

Because automobile detailing is a deep clean of your car, simply vacuuming isn’t enough. Your carpets and mats will also be steam cleaned and brushed to remove tough stains and odors.

Leather Cleaning

Detailing centers will have the proper tools to clean your leather upholstery, such as a specific leather cleaner, as well as saddle and leather soap. They may also have a conditioner to use after lathering.


After everything’s said and done, the detailing crew will use a deodorant in your vehicle. This leaves it smelling nice and fresh when you pick your car up.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of automobile detailing will depend on a few factors, such as:

  • Location
  • The company’s reputation
  • The size of your car
  • What services you want

In general, detailing centers will offer different packages ranging from $50 to over $200. If you aren’t sure about which package to get, you can always ask the employees to explain them to you.

How Often Should I Get My Car Detailed?

In general, you should get your car detailed at least once a year. However, you can always feel free to go over that amount.

The number of times you’ll need detailing depends on how often you drive your car, the local weather conditions, and the level of comfort you prefer while in your vehicle. This means for one person, they may only need to get their car detailed once a year, while for another, they need to have it done once a month.

Have Your Car Detailed Today

Automobile detailing is necessary to not only keep your car looking pristine but to also ensure it withstands weathering better.

So it’s important that you not only wash it regularly but also have it detailed on a routine schedule. When you see how great your vehicle looks and feels, it’ll be worth every penny you spend on it!

Ready to get your car detailed? Then come visit us today!

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